Simple Ways of Defining an Ethical Decision in Your Profession

The ethical side of management decisions is important for those who make them. On the one hand, businesses are under increasing pressure from the media, government, and public opinion and are forced to answer for their actions and justify their decisions. Check simple ways of defining ethical decisions in your profession in the article below.

Ethics in Making Managerial Decisions

Historically, special attention to ethical behavior in business began to be paid back in the 60s in connection with social upheavals (the spread of corruption among both the government bureaucracy and responsible persons of various corporations), the aggravation of environmental problems (environmental pollution, nuclear and toxic waste).

However, until recently, there was widespread skepticism about the very possibility of ethics in business. Many people see the very concept of “business ethics” as a contradiction in terms, believing that firms are inherently immoral due to the fact that they are focused primarily on making a profit and therefore ignore any consequences of their activities. However, the basis of such distorted approaches, as always, lies in wrong ideas, both about the meaning of business in general and, even more so, about ethics.

Can you afford ethics in a very tough and competitive business world? Do you consider ethics an obstacle to success? It would seem that ethics is more suitable for academic and religious dialogue than for business. Who would have thought that the “professor crisis” would force businesses and all of us to rethink our relationships with clients, employees, and stakeholders in one moment?

Besides, many workers today have a much wider scope of authority than before, traditional restrictions and controls have disappeared, and they have been replaced by independence. As a result, the moral face of the enterprise is increasingly determined by the personal qualities of an individual employee. After all, somewhere at the level of common sense, we all understand that in order to increase the efficiency of business activities, you should “treat people well,” at least some of them. Business, which in principle is based on trust, always remains a social activity – that is, it will certainly be carried out between human personalities who will always value care, friendship, honesty, etc.

Which Are the Simplest Ways of Defining an Ethical Decision in Your Profession?

The main task of defining an ethical decision is that employees are perceived as individuals, and labor relations are formed as a partnership. There are cases when managers do not take into account the state of mind of their subordinates. In this case, the employee cannot work effectively, especially in the artistic field. Therefore, in the practice of global management, significant attention is paid to issues of business ethics since corporate morality allows to strengthen the self-organization and self-discipline of the team.

Modern management offers certain ways to ensure ethical business relations in your profession:

  • implementation of ethical standards that reflect the organization’s value system;
  • organization of training in the ethics of business communication for all personnel;
  • providing information about cases of both highly ethical behavior and immoral acts;
  • study of the moral climate in the team and the relationship between managers and subordinates;
  • respect for a person, recognition of his unconditional value, regardless of the real achievements and behavior of the individual;
  • recognition that a person is a unique social being that realizes its uniqueness in relationships with other people and depends on them in its development.

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